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Kdm built motor

We set out to build a sturdy motor to take the punishment of being beat on for hours at a time. What we came up with was a bit of beauty and a lot of kick ass! This in house built 1.6 gamma is producing right at 310 Hp and has been giving a lot of the big Liter motors a run for there money. Many of you ask, “what do i need to do to reach 300hp on my Veloster Turbo”.  We figured we should share our list with a few details many in the motor building world might not share… or at least not in this market. So lets get into why your really here.. The List!

Parts list for this bad boy
  • Wiseco Pistons from 845 Motorsports
  • Molnar rods from 845 Motorsports
  • King Bi-Metal bearings
  • Stock (standard B) rod bearings
  • Arp Head Studs
  • Pavel Main Studs
  • KdmTuners Ported and Polished Head
  • KdmTuners Ported and Polished Throttle Body
  • Tapped Valve Cover for 3rd crank case vent
  • KdmTuners Upgraded 46mm turbo
  • Tork Motorsports Custom tune


Some of the nitty gritty to this motor to get us the longevity we needed for the extremes were going to put this under. Each motor built has a set of standards we follow depending on what the motor will be used for. Here is a short list of what we did on the Blueprint:


  •  .0019 clearances on the Mains
  •  .002 clearances on the Rods
  • .0015 Pin clearance
  • Ring gaps .015/.022/.016
  • Honed block to give Piston to wall clearance or .0035
  • Align honed block for use of Pavel Main Studs
  • Mirror finished Deck
  • Pistons weight matched to Exact measurements
  • Rods weight matched to exact measurements
  • Went through 3 sets of Rod and Main bearings to find flawless shells (One nick and they were tossed)
  • Rotational assembly balanced complete with Lightweight flywheel from Pierce Motorsports and clutch assembly

So far we have made it to about the end of the season with two races to go with not one issue. This motor has proved to be strong and exactly what we had planned. If all goes well we hope to bring home a Championship with this motor which at that point we will tear it down, blueprint, and do it all over again!

Stay tuned.. We are just getting started here.

6 thoughts on “G4fj Veloster Turbo 1.6 gamma build”

  1. I am looking for a bolt on turbo upgrade for my 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport DCT. Do you have one of these available? Please provide any info available.
    Thanks in advance
    Joe Vlasek

    1. Hello Joe, As per our Facebook conversation the best thing to do for the Elantra sport is to use a Vt turbo. We are looking for a price for you which would include everything you would need to complete install. Ill be getting back to you soon Via Facebook. Thank you!

  2. Hey, I’m curious but all those mods and you were only able to get 310HP? I was told by a local tuner that I could get in the same region with just an exhaust/downpipe and their tune (BTR). Is this perhaps really pushing the limits of the Gamma engine? With forged internals like you’ve listed, I would have thought 450-500 was more of a reasonable achievement.

    1. Hello there,
      We can safely push about 360-370 Hp (We are talking Wheel HP not crank, Btr likes to qoute with crank Hp) with what is listed above if we were using our 49mm upgraded turbo. With the 46mm we are actually at 335Hp now. On a stock 2013 motor 240hp is pushing it, 2014-2016 stock is pushing it at 280hp, Built motor unsleeved i would only go 380Hp, above 380 you will need to sleeve the block.

      Currently it is impossible to hit over 350hp with out going to a Big turbo conversion. We make the largest upgrade for the K03 turbo and it maxes out 350ish Hp. As for BTR we have used them in the past and as they are a great tuner there is now possible way to get a 1.6t gamma to 310hp on a stock turbo, exhaust, and DP. Its just physically impossible.

      If you were to use the internals we listed here along with sleeves there is no limit. You would however need to upgrade the main studs to a 10mm. I would then say sky is the limit! Our car could go more but we race it and need to keep the power to weight ratios in check per rule books.

      Hope this answers your questions, if not let us know and we can try to explain better

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