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A while back we were approached by Mark at Sxth Element Engineering to help build one of their project cars. After a rather quick conversation it was apparent this would be a good partnership for both parties to show what we can do with the little 1.6t gamma. We are very pleased and excited with how the build turned out! Although there is some minor issues to work out and lots left on the table the car managed a impressive 440whp/374wtq at 6500rpm running 33psi. Once they bump the Rpm beyond 8k this monster will surely in the low 500’s!

The Motor

Mark at Sxth Element sent us a pretty fresh core motor to start with. Upon receiving the core we quickly tore the motor down for inspection and to get prepped to send off to the machine shop.

On this build we knew the power goals would require sleeving. So we chose GOLDENEAGLE MFG in San Dimas California to sleeve the block. While the engine was there we also had them balance the rotating assembly, bore/hone to our specific specs using one of our torque plates, align hone to a very specific spec, oring, and step deck the block. This process takes about 4-6 weeks typically but well worth the wait and can handle any amount of power we could throw at it!

Wiseco pistons sitting pretty in this GE sleeved block

Block components

You can see our Engine kit below:

While the block was being dealt with we reached out to one of the industry’s leading machinist Aaron from ARLINGTON MACHINE Riverside California to help us with the amazing head work. We decided for this build we would run Arlington’s signature Basic valve job, valve work, and mirror finish deck. Don’t be fooled by the name “basic” the work on these heads is what most shops do for their performance packages! Arlington is a full machine shop which offers engine builds and many other services for Domestic and Import platforms

Look at that mirror finish and freshly cut seats!

Head Components

After the block and the head returned from the machine shops we finished off the blue print. This process takes alot of time and begins with tear down of the motor. We go through multiple sets of bearings to remove any flawed bearings and to also make sure each set of bearings is to our exact clearances for the build. We marry our weight matched numbered rods and pistons and prep to go into their respective cylinders. Next up piston rings… Each motor will get a file to fit set of rings and we determine the ring gaps per build depending on what the engine will be used for, fuels, turbos, Nitrous, etc… Once the the rings are cut we clean everything for the hundredth time, the rings to the pistons, oil the cylinders, oil the rings, oil the compressor, and in they go. One step we left out is the Oring process… We have found that doing the Copper oring is best before you install pistons as it requires so filing to get a nice tight seamless fit. Laying the wire and filing does contaminate the components and is best to install and completely clean the engine again before pistons and rods go in. Last couple steps we do is add the crank to the engine and torque to spec, then torque the rods in place using a ARP stretch gauge. For the molnar rods the stretch is .055-.059.. Then the engine was toped of with some fresh Wrinkle Black powder coated valve covers from Newport Mesa Powder coating!

Finished Engine
Looking Pretty with the fresh Powdered covers

If you have any questions on this engine build or curious on the actual specs please contact us. For any parts feel free to browse out web store and again any questions please feel free to contact us. For more detail on the car please visit Sxth Element and Alec Clem at the links down below

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