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We are now the west coast dealer for SRPracing.com

What does this mean to you exactly? Well Srp racing has been manufacturing pedals for race and show cars for 22 year! First if you guys have not seen their products STOP and go check out there site!


Did you check them out??


Well for those of you that think, “that was cool but just another high priced pedal”. You did not look close enough. Srp racing has solved an issue for many race car drivers across all platforms when it comes to “heal toe”. They have added an extra extension on the side of the gas pedal to help us with odd gas pedal configurations or those of us with small feet. Another cool feature is these are customized to order if need be, meaning if you want that extension bigger or smaller No Problemo!

A bit of info from their site

Heal toe

We do our R&D on the track.  Many of our customers buy our pedals because of the show quality looks.  However, we make our pedals for serious use.  Our passion is driving, on the street and track.  Our pedals are made to enhance your driving through improved heel toe sizing and improved grip.  Our pedals will typically have 1/2″ to 3/4″ of extra material on the left side of the gas pedal.  Once installed, you can fine tune the height relationship between the gas pedal and brake pedal to furthur enhance your heel toe performance.

Pedal Grip Test

After years of explaining to people how much grip our pedals have, I decided to put some numbers on them to make the explaining easier. Also, I was rather curious myself to see how our pedals stacked up against each other and stock rubber pedals. Basically, we mounted the pedals to a steady platform. Next, we put a rubber soled shoe (a Reebok)on top of the pedal. We then applied 28.6 lbs of weight to the pedal. This weight was chosen since it was the weight of a battery we had sitting in the shop, and seemed a reasonable weight for a light pressure stop. We then pulled the shoe off the pedal using a pull scale to measure how much force was required. We then repeated this process for all the pedal types a total of 5 times. The results were remarkably consistent. We then repeated all the tests again 5 times just to confirm the results.

After running the dry tests, we wanted to check the adverse condition traction of the pedals. We decided to use ArmorAll on the pedals as it is extremely slick, as well as easy to apply in the squirt bottle. We applied the ArmorAll to the shoe at the beginning of the 5 pulls, and to the pedal for each of the 5 runs. The results go to http://www.srpracing.com/pedal_grip_test.cfm

The nitty gritty..

These Pedals will fit Genesis 2010-2013, Veloster, Veloster turbo, Forte, Rio, Elantra, accent, and many other models. If you are not sure if these will fit please contact us. Pricing for these start at $149.99 plus shipping. Added options such as black color or black machined will cost an extra $20 for black and $25 for Black machined. Also there are 6 designs to choose from!

We will have these in our shop for purchase as soon as we are up and running. In the mean time feel free to contact us if you are interested in these amazing pedals.


We will be running a GB on these in the near future so keep your eyes out. We will run it on you Facebook page and announce the GB in all KDM pages. Prices will be as such:

  • 5% off for 5 orders
  • 10% off for 10 orders
  • 15% off for 15 orders
  • 20% off for 20 orders
  • 30% off for any orders over 30

It will be a one time GB and after that we will only run these at retail only.


**Install Video to Come**


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