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With more and more of these motors hitting bench marks, the need for innovative products to keep them in one piece is an on going process. We have been racing our own Veloster Turbo for the last 6 years in a time attack format in the Veloster Challenge and Pacific hot Hatch series. We have developed and tested darn near every part on the market over the years long before we were Kdm Tuners. To keep the development rolling we will be releasing our new Hyundai 1.6T Billet Racing Oil Pan!

Hyundai has kept the 1.6T G4fj variant in many of its new models and has announced recently they will be running the 2019 Rpec 1.6T in the PWC in the TCA class for 2020. Which is great news as we chug along in the design of these engines. The goal is to make a proficient and reliable engine package to last a full season on one engine. In doing so will help bring home more championships and keep it affordable.

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A Little History

In the past we found rather early that these engines had a oil starvation issue in high G situations. One way around this was a band aid fix, add more oil to raise the oil level to the “F” on the dip stick. This was a decent fix, But there were downsides as well. These down sides include higher crank case pressures, oil sloshing above the wind age tray, and the occasional blown seals.

In late 2013 we had a discussion with Pierce Motorsports about the issues. We decided to reach out to all the vendors at the time to notify them of the oiling issues. John at Tork Motorsports came up with a inexpensive solution to the issues. He developed a 1″ oil pan spacer to allow the oil screen/pick up to sit lower in the pan. This allowed an added quart of oil without having to run the oil level so high in the case. Another added benefit to this is more oil the cooler the you could get the oil. For the time this was a good non expensive way to put a fix on the issue. As these cars get faster and push the limits something a little more was needed.

Over the years we have gone back and forth with a design. We knew the added volume was a must. An added “Slosh Plate” and 60 degree trap doors were also something we wanted to incorporate. So that is exactly what we did!

Hyundai 1.6T Billet Racing Oil Pan -Version 1

On version one of the Hyundai 1.6T Billet Racing Oil Pan. We made a 3″ flat pan to add an extra 1.5 quarts of oil, added two 60 degree trap doors, Slosh plate, and a Oil temp sensor port right at the pick up. Although This design worked amazing, the angle of the pan allowed the pan to hang to low for our liking. Also the location of the drain plug made for draining a pain.

Hyundai 1.6T Billet Racing Oil Pan -Version2

On to version 2 of the Hyundai 1.6T Billet Racing Oil Pan. This unit has all the things one would want to see on a racing oil pan. We spent a lot of time changing the shape of the pan in version 2. This allowed for better draining, clearance, and airflow over our Version 1 model.

Left: Oem / Center: Version 2 / Right: Version 1

Features of our 1.6T Gamma Billet Racing oil pan include:

  • Billet Aluminum oil pan which works as a heat sink keeping oil cool
  • 1.5 quarts of added oil volume
  • added wind age tray or Slosh plate
  • two 60 degree trap doors placed for maxim benefit
  • Oil sensor bung at the sump/oil screen location to give accurate oil temps

The next best set up in a huge price jump to a custom dry sump set up which… We have been working on as well for a Wrc rally program. This is not practical in most cases and wont fit most budgets.

So the questions is do you need this?

Here is the answer… If you plan to race your car in any aspect whether Rally, Time attack, Drift, Drag, street race, canyon driving, or just hard driving this product is for you. It has so many added benefits to it that really we feel should be on every car. Any high G situations such as corners or hard launches will want this protection added to the car. This style pan has cured known problems in the drag and road race community for years now. We are excited to be able to bring this technology over to the Kdm platforms.

To kick this off… We will be doing a initial buy on these pans so be sure to check with our Facebook page, Instagram account, or message us to get on the list. This will require a initial deposit and will take a few months to get them all made. After the initial buy they will be sold strictly at MSRP and available from all your favorite vendors!

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  1. Josh,
    I have the Tork pan extension & am still working on getting oil cooler and plumbing installed. Can you give me an approx. $ quote & let me know what i need to come up with for deposit. I am definitely interested as this is to me automatically a high prioriy. It was as soon as i saw the one Tork had. Along with the KYB & Pierce rear sway bar; were my first additions. Let me know soi can get on list. Thank you. KDS

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