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Okay ladies and gentlemen, here we go! We went ahead and did our best filming a bottom end assembly of a Veloster Turbo G4FJ motor that is destined for the drag strip! There is a lot of information in this video and goes through our process at KDM Tuners when assembling a “built” motor that we are known for. This is bottom end assembly only as the customer is looking to do his own top end work back home. With all the tedious measurements and steps and information given in this video, naturally it is quite long and we apologize we did our best to cut it back but did not want to skimp on information for you! We hope you enjoy the video, let us know what you think, feedback etc. There will definitely be more engine build videos and information to go over for all of you!

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Swag seen in video:

KDM Tuners Hats and Swag:

Parts in Video:

Engine Build Kit

Tools In Video:

Redline Assembly Lube

Torco Assembly lube

Rod Vice

Proform 66765 Electric Ring Filer

Torco Assembly lube

Brownline Torque wrench

Lisle 28100 Torque Angle Meter

Lisle 33500 Piston Ring Installer

DREMEL 4300-5/40 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit

ARP 100-9942 Billet Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge

0-6″ Precision Outside Micrometer Set 0.0001″

K Tool International KTI73902 Lever Oil Can with Flex Spout (1 Pint)

Goplus Pro 1000Lbs Shop Engine Stand Hoist Automotive Lift Rotating 4 Leg Durable Motor

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