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Hey everyone as promised we are now live on the pre-sale of our all new Hyundai & Kia G4fj 1.6T Billet Racing Oil Pan! The pre-sale will run for about 2 weeks at a discounted price. After that they will be full retail and available from all your favorite vendors. Any questions at all please contact us here, facebook, or Instagram.

Time Frame

These will take us about 2-3 months to produce. If for some reason we cant get these out which 99.9% wont be the case we will issue a full refund. From this point we will not be able to refund you for buyers remorse. This is a 100% commitment… If for some reason you sell the car or something of that effect please contact us right away. These pre-sale funds go directly to manufacturing and funds will be out of our hands 24-48 hours after purchase. Thank you for your understanding on this!


Price is set at $359.99 for the first two weeks. We may extend that period if the demand is there. After the pre-sale period the price will go up to retail of $499.99. This item will rarely go on sale with us as we will have other vendors selling this item. SO GRAB ONE WHILE YOU CAN AT THIS PRICE!!!

Here is the link to purchase:

Info and Pics

Hyundai Kia G4fj 1.6T Billet Racing Oil Pan

As seen in our last post we set out to make the ultimate oil pan for the 1.6T Gamma G4fj platforms to solve on going issues of oil starvation and high oil temps. In the past we put a ban-aid fix on the issues by raise the fill on the oil changes to the “F” on the dip stick. So if you see or hear people tell you to do that it came from all the track testing done in the late 2013 race season. Although this worked well it does cause a few complications on its own. SO we had two options design a $2500-3000 custom lower case and add a dry sump system that would benefit the race cars… But what about the track day warrior, drag strip, or canyon guys and gals. That option is way out of budget… So we got with engineers that produce parts for race engines in NASCAR and developed and amazing oil pan for the everyday person Based on our exact need and the experience of 30 plus years in NASCAR!

Features of our 1.6T Gamma Billet Racing oil pan include:

-Billet Aluminum oil pan which works as a heat sink keeping oil cool
– 1.5 quarts of added oil volume
added wind age tray or Slosh plate
two 60 degree trap doors placed for maximum benefit
Oil sensor bung at the sump/oil screen location to give accurate oil temps
Drain relocated in the rear for easy draining

So the questions is do you need this?

First of all the Drain is relocated to the rear of the pan!!!!! If you ever changed your own oil on this car you know that this alone is worth the price!!!

Here is the answer… If you plan to race your car in any aspect whether Rally, Time attack, Drift, Drag, street race, canyon driving, or just hard driving this product is for you. It has so many added benefits to it that really we feel should be on every car. Any high G situations such as corners or hard launches will want this protection added to the car. This style pan has cured known problems in the drag and road race community for years now. We are excited to be able to bring this technology over to the Kdm platforms.

In high G situations the oil in the pan will slosh from side to side or on hard launches front to back. With the higher fill to the “F” on the dip stick the crank will actually come in contact with the rotating crank which will cause drag aka. Loss of power. The other issue is the oil moves very quick and can and does leave the oil pick up/ Oil Screen out of the oil for a brief moment. In most cases this wont hurt if using a race oil or good synthetic. But if long sweeping turns this relates to a oil starvation and engine failure. It can also cause frothing depending on the detergents in the oil.

In drag racing this has been an issue for years on the high HP cars and now you will see them running custom pans or in most cases dry sumps. With the HP getting higher and the 1/4 getting lower the sudden launch of the car can and does cause the same issues as the High G turns.. A moment where the oil pick up is out of the oil. Again leading to issues including premature wear on all components of the engine. For Pro Drag racing the replace many of these parts every run… For us the daily drivers, Track day, and even road race folks a engine tear down is not something we want to do ever!!! This pan solves all these issues in a stylish way!

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