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Ksport 2 way coilovers

IF you missed out on the last huge sale we had with the entire Ksport line here is your chance to score a deal! That’s right Ksport has decided to offer a great deal yet again on their line of Brakes and coilovers thru January 6th.

Until January 6th we will be offering all our Ksport suspension at a discounted price and FREE SHIPPING! To sweeten the deal if we sell 11 coilover kits we will give each of you a additional $100 off the already low prices!!

All you need to do is go to the category “Suspension/Brakes” under your cars tab. We don’t have all the kits loaded on the site as of now so if you don’t see your kit please contact us to get squared away…


**Here are some prices to take advantage of. If you were wanting a kit dont wait this is the last big sale until next year**

**If 11 kits sold take another $100 off prices!!!**

Kontrol Pro kits $900 shipped

Kontrol Sport $1200 shipped

Kontrol Plus 2 Way $1600 shipped

Airtech Pro Plus $4000 shipped

Airtech Basic Air $2700 shipped

Airtech Deluxe Air  $3100 shipped

Airtech Executive Air $4400 shipped



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