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MBRP Kia Stinger Exhaust Video

Kia stinger

MBRP has been making amazing sounding exhaust systems with stunning quality at an affordable price for the Kdm community for years now. With the hype in the industry around the Kia Stinger it only made sense to add this amazing exhaust system to their line up. Once we heard of the release we reached out the MBRP to see how we could help promote their new Stinger Systems. In doing so we decided to make this cool little hype video! Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please shoot us a message or contact us in the links below.


To purchase the Mbrp Kia stinger Exhaust seen in the video check out this link:

For more info about MBRP please visit:

Video Credit:
Youtube: Howyouseeit
Shot by: DirThrvll
Car Owner: Elvis Otero AKA. NyStinger

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