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New Dealer Announcement with Forge Motorsport!

The T’s have been crossed and the I’s have been dotted. Kdm Tuners is now a dealer for Forge Motorsport servicing the Korean car market.

Forge has been around since 1996 and is known for their high quality products. Forge has been a big name in the Euro car world. Forge had branched out into the Korean car market a few years ago, but not many know they made products for the Korean market. Up until now there has not been a Kdm focused company to push their products.

What does all this mean for you?

Kdm Tuners will introduce or in some cases re introduce Forge products into the Korean car market. We will be keeping you up to date on upcoming sales and promotions, give technical information on products, and re introduce items that have been discontinued due to lack of sales. Forge makes amazing products, but up until this point many had no clue they even made parts for us.

Well not anymore! Go to our E-Store and check out all the Forge products that are currently available. If you have any questoions feel free to contact us.


About Forge Motorsport

Founded in 1996 with the simple ideals of innovation and clever design. Forge Motorsport has among the highest quality manufacturing in the industry.

Their mantra is the BEST customer care and after service worldwide. In doing this Forge Motorsport has developed the largest range of replacement aftermarket valves, inter coolers, and actuators in the world.

Utilizing a state of the art in house CNC machine shop, a highly skilled team of dedicated engineers and fabricators. Forge supplies Forge branded product worldwide to their sister companies Forge USA in Orlando and Forge Asia in Taichung Taiwan.

Proudly stating ‘Made In Great Britain’ on all their products.

With this knowledge at their disposal. Forge Motorsport were honored to supply the leading names and race teams in motorsports world wide which include F1, WRC, Rally X, and Le Mans. They also supply several OEM manufacturers.
When you purchase a Forge Motorsport product you are buying something unique, something that no other manufacturer can offer.

They offer a lifetime customer service on all their products with a no hassle service promise.



Forge Blow Off Valve and Dump Valve Range

Forge Motorsport Valves may be referred to by many names, including Turbocharger Valves, Re circulation Valves, Dump Valves, Blow Off Valves, Atmospheric Valves, Diverter Valves, and Closed Loop Valves. On most turbo-charged engines these valves will allow charge air to be re-circulated around the turbo charger from the boost side and back to the intake side.

Forge Blow Off Valves and Dump Valves range has been specifically designed and manufactured to ensure maximum compatibility with the engine management. Suitable for many popular vehicle makes and models. Quick response times, quality design, and production to ensure their valves offer superior performance benefits.

Forge Range of Quality Actuator Parts

Being the pioneers of full replacement waste gate actuator technology for internally gated turbochargers. The Forge Motorsport upgraded Actuator Parts range is designed to compliment any application making higher than stock boost levels.

Their quality manufactured Actuator Parts can be supplied with different base spring pressure ranges so the spring tension that best suits their application needs and the target output can be applied. With full billet aluminum bodies, laser cut stainless steel brackets, and fast response piston or diaphragm based internals. All Actuator Parts have been approved for use by the sanctioning bodies of multiple race series’ , used by numerous shops and teams around the World. Machined in the UK, hand polished in house, and their limited lifetime guarantee means there’s no better choice of actuators anywhere in the world.

Forge Inter cooler Range

The high performance Forge Inter cooler range has been designed and manufactured in-house to provide a superior product. This will provide a consistently reliable performance for any car user.

As a turbo or supercharger compresses the air when driving it gets hot very quickly. The density of the air will drop by cooling the air using a Forge Inter cooler. The intake air entering the engine will be denser.

Constructed using the highest quality materials the inter cooler therefore improves combustion which dramatically increases reliability and usability.

Their top specification Forge Inter cooler Range includes Alloy Intercoolers, Alloy Radiators and Universal Intercoolers. Suitable for a vast range of vehicle makes and models.


Forge Manufactured Silicone Hoses Range

Complete stock of high specification Silicone Hoses are manufactured using the highest quality European Silicone and Fabric. These are reinforced to ensure they withstand greater temperatures and pressure when compared to the original Hoses. They also look amazing in a choice of different colors. Forge coolant hoses are manufactured with a protective inner lining as standard to ensure compatibility with modern coolants. Some of the first vehicle coolants or antifreeze’s contained methanol which is still found in windshield washer fluid. As these mixtures require constant replenishment due to the evaporation properties, they can increase the corrosion of aluminum. These antifreeze are becoming more widely used and a new coolant was developed.

The new coolant was Ethylene Glycol mixtures. Though less corrosive it still required regular attention to maintain it’s antifreeze properties. More recently OAT or Organic Acid Technology coolants have been developed and used. These are normally orange in color to differentiate them from the glycol-based coolants, which are green or yellow. OAT coolants have an extended service life of around five years use.

While standard silicone hoses have a high resistance to the Ethylene Glycol coolants. They can quickly deteriorate if not protected when OAT coolants are used. It is for this reason that their unbeatable range of Silicone Hoses for cars include an internal lining of Fluorosilicone to protect and ensure the longevity of the product.

For those who the aesthetic value is the priority, they maintain a color checking process to ensure all of our hoses match consistently throughout all of our quality products.

If you have any questions about Forge products please feel free to contact us!


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