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New Partnership Announcement with Pierce Motorsports!

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Pierce Motorsports! It is no secret we have been tied to Pierce Motorsports over the years. We have worked together designing some great products for the Hyundai Veloster Turbo. Through this we have really pushed the VT to its limit and will continue to do so. With out Pierce Motorsports many of the Hyundai/Kias would not have half the parts they currently do. Through this partnership we will continue to work together and bring new products for all KDM platforms. We will also carry Pierce Motorsports complete line in our E Shop.

A little history on Pierce Motorsports

Pierce Motorsports founder Jim Pierce has been in the Automotive industry for over 20 years. He has built race cars in various types of racing in both off road and road racing. Pierce Motorsports all started when Jim Pierce had purchased a shop in Torrance California from a gentleman by the name of Glen. Glen had moved on to another venture which we know as Prosport Gauges.

The shop was known as Advanced Automotive which was established as an exhaust shop that Jim ran as such for a few years. Jim’s back ground was in Off road racing and he quickly found himself building race car chassis, suspension, brakes, just about everything you can possibly build on a race car for a wide variety of vehicles. This quickly took over the exhaust shop and after a while the exhaust side of the business started to disappear into what you all know as of today.

~Jim Pierce doing what he does best, explaining the dynamics of every single working part. This man goes above and beyond for his customers!

Current Day Pierce Motorsports

Current day Pierce Motorsports is a full blown race fabrication shop that builds everything from full race cars, roll cages, suspension parts, you name it. In fact many companies such as K sport and the likes come to Pierce Motorsports to test and design their products. If you drive a Hyundai/Kia you might have a part on the car now that Pierce Motorsports had their hands on in regards to design or testing. You can see Pierce Motorsports products in more cars than can be counted on both hands at SEMA year after year. Pierce Motorsports has also been put to the task of doing all the roll cage safety checks for most of the racing bodies in California.

I could go on for hours speaking of how truly amazing this company is! So if you guys are ever in Torrance California do yourselves a favor and stop by Pierce Motorsports to see for yourselves.  I promise you will learn a ton just by walking in the door!

~Us touring Pierce Motorsports Veloster Turbo. This is the car that started it all for the Veloster community in the racing world


To get the full history of the inner workings at Pierce Motorsports. We will be doing a video interview with the man him self Jim Pierce. So keep an eye out for that as you wont want to miss it!

~Jim Pierce explaining how important it is to come visit his shop



We will be adding Pierce Motorsports products daily to the E Store.



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