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We are pleased to announce our partnership with


We are now a dealer for Speed Bleeders and are able to provide you guys and gals with the best do it yourself brake system on the market at a low price!We have been using these on all our cars for many years, in fact i wont do a brake install without them!

Here is the info:


The old manual way

Bleeding brakes used to be a difficult thing to do in the past. It generally required two people to bleed brakes. You had to have one person pump the brake pedal while you had the mechanic open and close the bleeder screw. You had to coordinate the openings and closings with the pumper. If you didn’t coordinate the timing correctly you could end up with more air in the system than when you started.

Alternative ways

Bleeding brakes can be done a number of ways:

  • You can use a pressure bleeder that attaches to your master cylinder and pressurizes the system. You open each bleeder screw individually to bleed your brakes. It costs about $300.00. It works very well, but who wants to invest $300.00 to bleed one or two vehicles.

  • A vacuum bleeder is another way to bleed brakes. It attaches to your bleeder screw and sucks the fluid from the master cylinder, thus bleeding your brakes. If not used correctly, it  can let air into your brake system. It costs from $30.00-$100.00.

The new and improved way/How it works

The patented SPEED BLEEDER® screw with the built-in check valve is truly a one-person bleeder screw.   Once installed, it becomes a permanent part of the brake system. 

When it is time to bleed your brakes, you loosen the Speed Bleeder brand check valve 1/4  turn and pump your brake pedal.  While the pedal is depressed the pressure generated opens the check valve letting air and brake fluid out of the end of the Speed Bleeder brand check valve.  Then when you release the pedal and it returns to the up position, the check valve closes and prevents any air from reentering the system through the Speed Bleeder.  When bubble free fluid is evident you close the Speed Bleeder brand check valve.  In the closed position it works just like your stock bleeder screw and prevents any brake fluid from leaking out.   It generally takes about 5 pumps to purge each caliper or wheel cylinder. 

That is all there is to bleeding your brakes.  If at a later date you need to bleed your brakes, the patented thread sealing system makes it easy to open the bleeder screw to perform the bleeding operation. It is made of quality materials and it is economical.

Features of SPEED BLEEDER® brand check valve

  • Stainless steel spring

  • Stainless steel ball

  • Brass retainer

  • The threads are roll formed.  This process results in a stronger and smoother thread than one that is cut.

  • The chamber for the ball and spring is precision reamed and the seat for the stainless steel ball is machined to exacting tolerances.

  • Zinc chromate plating  withstands a 30 hour salt spray.  Other plating with higher salt spray results is also available.

  • Patented thread sealing system seals the threads when the bleeding operation is performed, preventing air from being sucked back into the system.

  • The pre-applied thread sealant also displaces air and moisture during thread engagement preventing rust…which usually results in rounded off corners on the hex or busted off bleeder screws making it necessary to replace the caliper or brake cylinder. The application of thread sealant thus makes it easy to loosen or remove the bleeder screw at any time.

Benefits of  SPEED BLEEDER® brand check valve

  • Simple to use.

  • Saves time and money.

  • Requires only one person to do.

  • Perfect for racing where brake fluid is changed frequently.

  • A must for the do-it-yourself-er.

  • Available for automobiles, motorcycles and trucks and any vehicle with hydraulic brakes.

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