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New Throttle body Spacers by KDM Tuners

Our new Kdm Tuners Throttle Body Spacer is now here and ready to rock! This 3 port design allows you to add your boost gauge, Meth, and any other item you may need all at the same time and from one easy to access location. These were designs so there is no need to drill, tap, weld, move sensors, etc… In the day and age of people taking their cars in for warranty or for those who just simply sell cars often, these spacers make it easy to return the car back to stock!

Throttle BOdy spacers

What Horsepower increase will i see?

The manufacturing claims behind the throttle body spacer is usually they Improve fuel economy, horsepower, torque and emissions by inducing a swirl in your air charge or straightening air flow.  Some manufacturers machine little dimples or swirls into the spacer to help the airflow to assume a linear path into the engine or to swirl it in your intake manifold. The idea is that swirling the air imparts more energy to it causing it to tumble and better atomize the fuel. Laminar-flow proponents claim that smoother airflow through the throttle body enhances net flow. This is a highly debated topic which can turn into a multi page mini book. We at KDM Tuners are not going to lay claim to any HP gains here. But if you do see gains BONUS!!!!

Throttle body spacers can promote Hp gains in some applications. All engines are different and it’s not impossible that the additional plenum (Intake Manifold) volume could help to compensate for the lack of volume in the factory manifold. So you may see a bit more horsepower and mid range torque depending on the car. You could also see a slight bump in MPG in some cases, but again we are not advertising any of this and if gains are in fact made they will be very minimal.

Whats the Theory Behind Throttle Body Spacers?

The basic and simple answer is; air flowing into an engine doesn’t just flow straight through in one big mass. When air flows along a surface some of the air sticks to the surface forming a very slow moving boundary layer that acts like a lubricant of sorts for air flowing over it. When air goes through your throttle body a boundary layer of stagnant air forms on the inside of the throttle body bore and on the front of the throttle blade. Air flowing over this boundary layer goes into the intake manifold where it sits in a central chamber  (the plenum or intake manifold) waiting to be sucked into one of the intake runners. This process often creates turbulent air for a short period and adding the spacer in theory allows the air to smooth out before entering the combustion chambers.

In summary

All this sounds great and if all the benefits labeled above as well as what is posted all over the net by the many manufactures making these spacers then these will serve many great benefits. The problem is there are so many ways to prove these theories wrong and we can go on for hours debating this topic and im sure we will at some point. But for now we will put all the HP claims aside and talk about the proven benefits of our Spacers. Those benefits are simply to allow easy additions such as Meth, boost gauges, etc… with minimum modifications to the car.

**If you would like more info on these spacers please feel free to contact us. You can also find these for purchase here in our Shop by clicking here**

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