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Traum is a new company but are not new in the business, together they have 50+ years of combined experience. The art of making pistons is not new to Traum, they may be on thier own now but we have what counts: Knowledge, skill, and the desire to make pistons for you, to your specifications.  They pride themselves on providing  great customer service, and innovative designs, our quality goes hand and hand with Service and Design. Traum was created from some of the old designers and piston makers that branched off of Arias pistons. The quality of these pistons is amazing from what we at Kdm Tuners has seen. We are excited to carry these pistons and start adding them to our future builds!


  • Skirted design for weight reduction
  • Thick walled pin capable of Hp over 800whp
  • Oil holes for pins
  • Oem style GDI domes to keep correct fuel burn
  • Deeper Valve pockets for high lift cam

**We can custom order any piston desired. All piston orders with Traum take 6 weeks**

Here is a few options we will give for the 1.6 and 1.6T:

  • 77mm 9.5:1 CR
  • 77.5mm 9.5:1 CR
  • 77mm 10:1 CR
  • 77.5mm 10:1 CR
  • 77mm 12:1 CR (Non Turbo)
  • 77.5mm 12:1 CR (Non Turbo)
  • 77.5mm 13:1 CR (Non Turbo)

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