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Hey guys and gals! Yep you heard it!!! We are now offering a Referral & Cashback rewards program to make your shopping experience even better. We know you guys love sales and love discounts so we taking it to the next level!


  • Add funds to your wallet using Amazon, Paypal, and Klarna if you want to store$$
  • Earn 2% cash back on every purchase
  • Earn $5 for each referral successfully subscribed
  • Each new Subscriber will receive $5 added to their account
  • Earn $5 on each review left on items purchased

How it works:

  • If you have subscribed already just start shopping to start earning 2% cashback on every purchase. Then start telling your buddies!
  • For each new subscription not already registered will earn you $5 straight to your wallet.
  • Ordered a product and want to leave a review! Great you just earned another $5 straight in your wallet!
  • You can choose to use the money earned in your wallet or accumulate it over time to use on a big purchase.
  • The wallet can be found in the “My Account” portion of your subscriptions page or you can go to the top left under the mobile menu and click on “Wallet”

Another cool feature is if you want to save or hide money from your spouse (Seriously… Don’t do that! We are not responsible for dismemberment or divorce) You can add funds to your wallet for future use! Or say if you want to save money over time in a space you wont spend it you can do this as well. There is a small transaction fee to do this which is 4 % for Paypal, Amazon, and 7% for Klarna transfers to the wallet.

That’s about it!!! Enjoy and get shopping to earn your points!! We will be adding products from your favorite vendors over the next few months. If there is an item you don’t see on our site and want to earn some cashback rewards, just message us and we can add the item to the site. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Happy Shopping!!!!!

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