2012-2017 Evilla Motorsports Kia Rio Rear Torsion Bar



Evilla Motorsport’s Torsion Bar (KR-TB1) for the Kia Rio (2012-2014)

The Kia Rio is a good car in price, fuel, and amenities. However, the Rio has a rear twist beam suspension that tends to become unstable when running over a bump, or dip at high speed. To resolve this, we have the TB1 Torsion Bar.

Benefits of a Torsion Bar.
  • Better Driver Feedback
  • Reduce Toe and Camber changes when running over bumps or dips.
  • Tighter Cornering
  • A Less “Nervous” Rear
  • Better Steering Response
  • Reduced Body Roll

Pros of choosing our Torsion Bar:

  • Solidly Welded Construction: Our Torsion Bar is one solid piece to absord as much twist force as possible.
  • Installation: Common tools make the installation of our bar very straight forward, Process normally ranges between 30-45 minutes (Times May Vary).
  • Customer Service: We offer both downloadable instructions, and Install videos of our Torsion Bar on our site and Youtube page. You can contact us any time.
  • Made in USA: Using local materials, and sources, and being environmentally friendly when possible.
  • Track Tested: We test all our Chassis, and Suspension products on the street as well as the track under severe conditions with Professional Race Car Drivers behind the wheel.
  • Powder Coated: For durability and protection against the elements our Torsion Bar is Powder Coated White.
  • Better Material: Our Torsion Bar and Chassis Braces are made of 4130 Chromoly which is Stronger, More Rigid and Weighs less than Mild Steel

What’s the difference Between Your Products and the Competitor?


Made of Chromoly:

  • Chromoly is a combination of chromium-molybdenum steel, making it stronger than steel with a tensile strength estimated at 1000-lbs per square inch. This makes it the optimum choice for our suspension and chassis products.
  • Many competitors sell similar products that are made of Mild Steel which adds unnecessary weight to the Car. Most of our Chromoly products weigh less than 5-lbs! and are stronger, more rigid than mild steel. More performance for less weight.
  • Other Competitors make similar products out of aluminum or have pivot joints. All of these products flex so much that they fail to fulfill the purpose of a chassis brace or strut bar.

Race Track Tested:

  • Many Competitors make parts that are hardly ever tested on a professional race tracks under severe driving conditions. We test our parts on several different race tracks, with professional race car drivers pushing the car to the limits and reporting the performance gains of our products. Our philosophy is, if it can handle the track, it’s good for the street, if not we won’t sell it period.
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 6 × 4 in

Model Year

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