2012-2018 Veloster Hollow Chromoly Front Adjustable Swaybar

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2012-2018 Veloster Hollow Chromoly Front Adjustable Swaybar


2012-2018 Veloster Hollow Chromoly Front Adjustable Swaybar

We’re super excited to finally bring you our 4130 Chromoly HOLLOW Adjustable front swaybar specifically designed for your Hyundai Veloster Turbo/NAV by our team here at Piercemotorsports!!! We’ve chosen chromoly for our front bar (as well as all of our products) because of it’s superior quality/benefits to mild steel. Chromoly is much stronger in every way—torsion/shear/tensile and provides much more durability/cycle life than mild steel at much higher yields. This allows us to use smaller/lighter material and get much stronger/more durable/repeatable long lasting parts!

We’ve chosen to use a hollow bar (because the chromoly allows us to!) and a bit larger diameter to save nearly 34% of the weight while increasing the roll couple/stiffness the appropriate amount. There are many advantages to using a tubular ARB (anti roll bar) rather than a solid bar. The foremost advantage is the weight reduction that can be achieved by using hollow technology. For the suspension designer, the flexibility of using a tube greatly increases the ability to really ‘fine-tune’ the design. All one has to do is change the wall thickness of the material to give an incremental change in stiffness. A designer can then adjust the stiffness of a bar using the same vehicle packaging in this way for a number of different bars.

Now, many misconceptions are floating around about the hollow bar designs. One major one is: that a solid bar is stiffer than a hollow one. This is only partially correct. If a solid bar and a hollow one of the same diameter are compared, then the solid bar is miniamally stiffer than the hollow version. By increasing the outer diameter of the hollow bar, and fine-tuning the wall thickness, you can yield the same performance while reducing weight. How many racing designers try to cut every ounce out of the chassis? They all do! Reducing weight acts like adding horsepower.

After testing several different front rates we’ve got our bar in the sweet spot—it works perfectly with our rear torsion bar and we’ll give a neutral balance to the platform while massively increasing overall grip. We were careful not to create a bar that we feel is TOO stiff and will create understeer when used with aftermarket suspension parts. When coilovers/stiffer springs are used the balance goes from neutral to being able to rotate under lift throttle/motorsports type applications!!! I’m super excited about the quality/benefits/fine tuning available and even more excited to see the expression on peoples faces when they bolt this on and spin it around the block for the first time!!!

Our bar has three positions/holes of adjustability which we’ll net 6 possible balance/performance settings. The bars will work/have benefits with both stock and modified suspenions—will work with both oem/aftermarket endlinks! They’ll come powdercoated in white to match our rear torsion bar with urethane bushings/grease—install time on this should be about two hours for the do it yourselfer—and a bit less by a professional on a rack. Increase front grip and get the perfect balance by using our rear torison as well!

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 8 × 5 in
Model Year

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  1. Steven (verified owner)

    not a quick install

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Have not installed yet but everything looks good

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