Pierce Motorsports Porterfield Performance Front Brake Pads

Pierce Motorsports Porterfield Performance Front Brake Pads


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Porterfield Enterprises Performance VTRS4 Pads

With the need for a better compound for our own race car and the lack of aftermarket brake support for the Kia Forte and Veloster Turbo. We are proud to introduce the Pierce Motorsport VTRS4 Performance front brake pad for the Kia Forte and Veloster Turbo! With over 40 years of experience winning races we have gone to Porterfield Enterprises to construct a performance front brake pad. Porterfield is one of the leader’s in performance brake pads and endurance brake compounds. The compound developed for the Kia Forte and Veloster Turbo is dual purpose for performance driving on the street and the much needed increased performance for the track/autocross.

The VTRS4 pad features:

  • Reduced stopping distances
  • Reduced brake fade in performance driving situations
  • Compound performs flawlessly with rotor temps over 1000 degrees
  • Easy on rotors with easy break in procedures
  • Lower brake dust and non corrosive dust
  • Low noise/feedback
  • Best balance between initial bite and pedal effort


Jim Pierce has been racing for over 25 years he explains, ” In road-race cars the pedal that wins endurance races is the one in the middle!” Developing a brake system that has the perfect balance and able to withstand the duration of an event is crucial to finishing on the podium. With that said, you can’t take a race pad compound and run it on the street… The pads will literally eat the up the rotors!  You would be living with dust filled rims, crazy brake noise, and changing rotors every 15k miles! We have found the absolute best balance between the race compound and street compound we have ever had the pleasure of driving with. We have used many different brands (I should clarify that we’ve tried nearly every major performance compound over the years) and the RS4 is just simply our favorite.

These high end pads should not be compared to brands like EBC, Hawk, Metal, Matrix, etc. These pads serve a purpose in the market as an affordable off the shelf performance pad. The Porterfield VTRS4 was built with increased performance in mind and will perform at much higher level’s than the above.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 4 in


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