Chemical Guys Shaggy Fur-Ball Towels 3 Pack



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Shaggy Fur-Ball Towels are plush and shaggy silk-banded towels made of a premium 70/30 blend of microfiber designed for soft drying and final-step wiping on sensitive surfaces.


Use This Towel To:
  • The perfect lint and scratch-free dry
  • Protect paint from surface marring when drying
  • Highlight dirt and show when to flip
  • Extra soft wiping both inside and outside car
  • Dry without fear of scratching surface


Shaggy Thick Fibers for Soft Wiping

Shaggy Fur-Ball Towels are versatile for all interior and exterior detailing applications because they are soft, durable, and scratch-free. The shaggy non-directional weave makes short work of liquids and solids alike. Use the thick plush pile to soak up water, detail sprays, and waterless wash solutions quickly and easily. Buff away droplets and streaks without fear of scratching the surface!


Luxurious Silk Edging

While cheaper microfiber towels have hard nylon edges that scratch paint, Shaggy Fur-Ball Towels use soft silk edges to protect paint from damage with 100% of the towel’s surface. The Shaggy Fur-Ball Towel uses exclusive silk-banded edges to help prevent any swirls or scratches on sensitive paintwork and automotive surfaces.


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