G4fj & G4fc Bi metal King main bearings

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King Bi-Metal main bearings for the G4fj & G4fc


G4fj & G4fc Bi metal King main bearings

These bearings are a great OEM replacement bearing at half the cost of OEM and overall a better bearing. We currently use these on one of our road race cars. These bearings will get you between .0017 and .0019 clearance which is great for Daily and road racing applications.

King bi-metal materials have a homogeneous micro-structure, which guarantees the
combination of the following bearing properties:

  • Good fatigue strength due to the both fine micro-structure and hardening effect
    of silicon and copper;
  •  Very good seizure resistance particularly with cast iron crankshafts. This is
    provided by silicon particles. They continuously polish the crankshaft surface and
    prevent seizure.
  • Good embedability. The lining is thick so it is capable to absorb both small and
    large dirt particles circulating with the oil;
  • Good conformability. In contrast to tri-metal bearings with thin overlays, bimetal
    materials are capable of accommodating greater misalignments;
  •  Good wear resistance due to the relatively hard aluminum alloy, which is harder
    than the soft overlays of tri-metal bearings.

Bi-metal Al-Si bearings bring more “added value” to rebuilt engines, due to their superior
handling of adverse conditions such as misalignments, oil starvation, rough journal
surface and heat.


** Please check out our other options for you drag guys, we offer Tri metal bearings to bump up the clearance to .002-.0022**

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in
Model Year

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8 reviews for G4fj & G4fc Bi metal King main bearings

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  1. Alec C. (verified owner)

    After help from the man hear at kdm tuners I got everything I needed sorted in a timely manner with no hassles and even after what would have been standard working time

  2. Joe Moore (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my order

  3. Hugo Lopez (verified owner)

    Cant wait to install in my build

  4. Jan Rivera (verified owner)

    I want the tri metal ones but still like this quality

  5. Sascha W. (verified owner)

    The king bearings are Better than the oem my opinion

  6. John M (verified owner)

    High quality bearings.

  7. Elionil Matos (verified owner)

    Muy rápido el envío comparado con otras piezas

  8. Brian ali Ponce (verified owner)

    Muy bueno

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