HKS Universal SSQV4 Blow Off Valve



HKS Universal SSQV4 Blow Off Valve


The HKS Sequential Blow Off Valve has been one of the favorite modifications among sport compact drivers for more than 20 years. From its unique chirping sound, to the ability to out-perform OEM units makes this a blow off valve one can depend on. The latest HKS Super SQV4 Blow Off Valve employs the same design qualities as the original which involves a pull-type sequential valve structure with a differential pressure control system. This design allows for stable operating ranges from low, to high boost pressures.

This is a universal unit that will come provided with a c-clip, zip-ties, a pair of vacuum T’s, and a vacuum line filter.

Additional information

Weight-4 lbs
Dimensions10 × 6 × 8 in


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