Kdm Tuners 1.6 Gamma G4fj Engine Build Kit

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Kdm Tuners 1.6 Gamma G4fj Engine Build Kit

By popular demand we at Kdm Tuners have compiled a full one click (Ok maybe two or three click) Kdm Tuners 1.6 Gamma G4fj Engine Build Kit. This kit will include just about everything you would need to build your 1.6 Gamma motor.

These kits will be able to support up to 360 hp with no issues whats so ever. In fact all the parts in this kit have been designed and rated for 600hp. To get to 600hp you will need to work on some fueling issues which we are currently working on and the block will need to be sleeved. We offer sleeving services here through Golden Eagle. We also will have Darton sleeves ready to sell very soon that we can offer in the kit and your building can install.

The parts we are including in this kit are all products we currently use on our own cars and have tested extensively on and off the track. Couple these with our Upgraded turbos you will be able to hit 350hp comfortably.

Kdm Tuners 1.6 Gamma G4fj Engine Build Kit includes:

  • Traum 9:5.1 pistons
  • Molnar H beam rods
  • Bearings of choice (4 different options)
  • Thrust bearings
  • All gaskets via OEM Gasket rebuilt kit
  • Oem Main bolts or Arp upgraded 10mm studs
  • Arp head studs

**Sleeving is an option as is full motors built by us. Please contact us for details on Sleeving and Full Motor builds. We also do Head Porting, TB porting, Turbo upgrades, and Turbo porting all in house**


Traum Pistons

The design we use for the G4fj motors is a revised stock Gdi Dome piston which keeps the 9:5-1 Compression ratio. This design is a full round designed Forged Aluminum piston with upgraded pins. These pistons were designed to hold up to 600hp!

Molnar Rods

Molnar Rods Hyundai Veloster (g4fj) are an H-beam billet made from 4340 material. They are heat treated, shot peened, mag particle inspected and finished to the tightest tolerances in the racing industry. Use a 3/8 Arp2000 bolt made by ARP specifically for Molnar


  1. ACL Tri-Metal

Designed to withstand higher RPM conditions

  • High strength overlay plate with reduced thickness for improved fatigue properties
  • Hardened steel backs on all rod bearings to improve the support of the bearing lining and assist with bearing retention in the housing.
  • Increased crush for improved bearing retention
  • Elimination of flash plating on the back of the bearings to improve heat transfer through the bearings and to maximize the grip between the bearings and its housing.
  • Increased eccentricity to compensate for bore distortion at high rpm and to assist in the formation of hydrodynamic oil films.
  • 3/4 grooved Main Bearings to optimize bearing load carrying surface area and oil flow to the conrod bearings.
  • Tight consistent wall tolerances to help you maintain consistent clearances.
  • Enlarged ID chamfers on bearing edges where required to accommodate large fillet radius on performance crankshafts.

     2. King Tri-Metal

Tri-metal bearings are characterized by:

  •  Very good fatigue strength due to the both strong intermediate layer and
    hardening effect of copper in the relatively thin overlay;
  •  Excellent seizure resistance provided by the lead based overlay. Seizure
    resistance drops sharply when the overlay is removed in direct metal-to-metal
  •  Excellent embedability of small dirt particles;
  • Excellent conformability for small misalignments.

Thus tri-metal material works very well at all times during the presence of the
overlay. However the overlay is thin and may be easily removed from the surface.
Even partial exposure of the intermediate layer will cause dramatic lowering of the
bearing properties.

Tri-metal bearings are more sensitive to misalignments and distortions than bi-metal

     3. King Bi-Metal

King bi-metal materials have a homogeneous micro-structure, which guarantees the
combination of the following bearing properties:

  • Good fatigue strength due to the both fine micro-structure and hardening effect

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    of silicon and copper;

  •  Very good seizure resistance particularly with cast iron crankshafts. This is
    provided by silicon particles. They continuously polish the crankshaft surface and
    prevent seizure.
  • Good embedability. The lining is thick so it is capable to absorb both small and
    large dirt particles circulating with the oil;
  • Good conformability. In contrast to tri-metal bearings with thin overlays, bimetal
    materials are capable of accommodating greater misalignments;
  •  Good wear resistance due to the relatively hard aluminum alloy, which is harder
    than the soft overlays of tri-metal bearings.

Bi-metal Al-Si bearings bring more “added value” to rebuilt engines, due to their superior
handling of adverse conditions such as misalignments, oil starvation, rough journal
surface and heat.

ARP Upgraded Main studs

The 1.6 gamma motors use a 9mm x 1.5 thread pitch main bolt. These bolts can handle upto about 380 Hp before we start to see a bit of issues with the main bearings. So we at Kdm Tuners found a stud that works great on these motors and is a major upgrade and will handle any power thrown at them. We use a 10mm x1.25 stud kit borrowed from the Genesis 2.0T platform.

*** Note these kits are a high labor intensive kit. You will have to have your block drilled, fitted with Time Serts, and Align Honed. This will cost you an additional $400-600 in machining costs. This is NOT a drop in option!***

ARP Head Studs

We have put together a ARP head stud kit that is a drop in kit for the 1.6 gamma motors. We use a 6″ long ARP2000 stud, a specialty nut, and customized nuts to work with this motors HPFP and cam sensor lobes. These studs will hold any amount of power we can through at them!

Supertech Valve Springs

We have used a few different variations of Supertech valve springs on these Gamma motors. However Supertech has released a kit specific for our 1.6T gamma motors which we now use. These are Beehive shaped springs which are lighter and stronger than options in the past. These springs will allow you to rev out to 9K rpm with no float. However there will be other limiting factors before you can get to 9K rpm

**Sleeving is an option as is full motors built by us. Please contact us for details on Sleeving and Full Motor builds. We also do Head Porting, TB porting, Turbo upgrades, and Turbo porting all in house**

*** If any on these parts are not in stock it could take from 4-8 weeks to have parts made, these are all made in batches and not stocked at the factories as we are a small market. We will notify you at time of purchase the estimated wait time or contact us prior to order***

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  1. James L. (verified owner)

    Very helpful stars. Parts took less than 2 weeks to arrive to Australia. Couldn’t be happier.

  2. Chase (verified owner)

    Great costumer service and communication.

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