Pierce Motorsports Full Elbow Turbo Downpipe

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Pierce Motorsports Full Elbow Turbo Downpipe

The Pierce Motorsports Full Elbow Turbo Downpipe Downpipe by Pierce motorsports is Stainless  with Catalytic Converter. These bolt directly to the turbo to replace the restrictive oem part without modification. Pierce Motorsports created a fully optimized Hi flowing Down pipe using only the best materials. Completely stainless from tip to tip using CFD designed transitions, laser cut/Water Jet/CNC cut flanges to avoid distortion. Pierce also uses an unrestricted Center line Radius Bends to insure maximum flow and ease of installation.

These high flow down pipe’s have been dyno tested to increase performance up to 15HP and with a good exhaust gains of up to 25HP can be realized. You will also see an increased fuel economy and quicker acceleration. Overall this Down pipe make your Veloster more spirited in every gear! These down pipes are usually in stock, but when not they are built to order. In this case please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

The stock converter has two cats beds of element in it fairly close together. The transition from the turbo housing to the first bed is abrupt, has a lip and is restrictive.  The cell count is very high at around 600cel on the OEM unit. Pierce uses a 200CEL converter and one of the best transitions in the biz. Burns knows there stuff and have cars running in every major racing organization (indycar/alms/grand-am/nascar/brief stints in F1 etc…) in the world.

The design of the down pipe has been maximized using the knowledge of over 40 yrs of professional engineering in exhaust technologies for motorsports. No expense has been spared! This product is meticulously manufactured using the best processes and materials available. It’s literally a work of art!

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28 reviews for Pierce Motorsports Full Elbow Turbo Downpipe

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Based on 28 reviews
  1. JOHNNY G. (verified owner)

    Quality and quick workmanship. Fabricated and delivered within 3 weeks. Very helpfull staff. Answered all my questions inmidiatly.

  2. Jason F. (verified owner)

    Received the peice and it looks beautiful. Currently being installed at the shop.

    Shopping experience was great and Josh provided excellent service.

  3. Ian Villegas (verified owner)

    Excellent service!

  4. Jeffery Keovorabouth (verified owner)

    Top notch quality! But most of all, amazing customer service!

  5. Sergio Delgado (verified owner)

    Fast delivery

  6. James C. (verified owner)

    Seems nice, haven’t installed it yet.

  7. Kevin F. (verified owner)

    The company they pulled the product from took almost 2 months to get. However, KDM stayed on top of keeping me up to date, and providing me with a shipping label as soon as it shipped out. Very happy with there services!

  8. Jesse Dean (verified owner)

    Only reason I’m giving a 4* is that the exhaust hanger was a little too low to fit properly and the or sensor placement on the new pipe has it just touching the turbo cooling line other then that it is a quality price can’t wait to order some more stuff!

  9. Marcos Cuellar (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly and provides a noticeable performance upgrade.

  10. Coleen (verified owner)

    Looks nice haven’t installed but think it’ll be great

  11. Joshua Tibbs (verified owner)

    A+ rating fast shipping great products

  12. Wilmer Martinez (verified owner)

    It’s really good but the built was kinda off kinda struggled with the Kdm full exhaust

  13. Jaramieh Kaiser (verified owner)

    Amazing results!

  14. Alexander R. (verified owner)

    You gotta get it!

  15. Jose Iva Villalobos (verified owner)


  16. Labib Kabir (verified owner)

    Just waiting to get that installed to feel the difference

  17. Jin Kim (verified owner)

    Well made, haven’t installed yet, but I’m excited.

  18. Trevor M. (verified owner)

    It took 1.5 months to ship and am about to receive it so I can’t comment on build quality.

  19. Anthony (verified owner)

    ***update as of 10/15/20***
    Kdm tuners did come through with the partial refund I was owed. Bumping the review from 2 stars to 3 for that.


    My experience wasn’t so great. After waiting a month and a half to receive my order, the flex part of the downpipe failed and basically came apart at the collar during install. I had to pay the shop double to install the downpipe, which came apart, and reinstall my oem downpipe. At this point I went and had the flex pipe replaced and spent A LOT more than I would have had this not happened. The initial install of the broken downpipe and reinstall of my oem pipe costed $182. This is not even counting the money I spent getting the downpipe fixed and on the car. I feel I should be reimbursed the $182 at a minimum. Although I provided pictures and invoices to kdm tuners and pierce motorsports, and they both acknowledge and agree the part failed, they have not refunded me anything as of yet. The upside is that the downpipe is on the car and working properly. I got the one with a high flow cat. No engine light, and definitely better acceleration. So the product is good IF it doesn’t fall apart. 2 stars for that. But considering the longer than advertised wait, the part broke, and despite being nice, these guys aren’t doing whats right in this situation, I just can’t give a higher rating than 2 stars. If I could do it again, I’d order from somewhere else. Sucks to say that considering I couldn’t really find anything negative about these guys prior to purchasing. Hopefully for them this is an isolated incident.

  20. Pablo Cordova (verified owner)

    Absolutely beyond happy with the downpipe! Great quality and craftsmanship, sound is improved and definitely feel an increase in power, now I can’t wait to get tuned. Thanks for an easy order!

  21. Landon (verified owner)

    2020 Forte GT. It was a lot easier to install than it was to take out the oem one. I have it four stars because it doesn’t line up well for my car. My exhaust hangar is squished because of tight it is. I have an Evilla exhaust system and the flanges don’t line up perfectly. I’ll probably end up taking it to a local exhaust shop and see if they can move some stuff around.

  22. colton gibson (verified owner)

    amazing works just how i wanted it too

  23. Donald H. (verified owner)

    The downpipe came in perfectly packaged, the welds were beautiful, and overall it looked and felt great! Install took a little longer than it should just because I refused to remove the charge pipe, but with a lift it should take no more than 45-60min. The only reason why I give it 4 stars is due to the overall fit and finish of the product. The flange that bolts up to the exhaust housing should have been turned slightly, as the downpipe points a little too far downwards for comfort, and replacing the exhaust rubber hangar was a bit of a pain. Overall a great product, and definitely recommended!

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Looks good have not installed yet took forever to get shipped

  25. Sean Shepard (verified owner)

    As always, with the quickness, and solid product. Couldn’t be happier.

  26. Thomas Elmore (verified owner)

    Great quality

  27. Jeff Z. (verified owner)

    This upgrade was amazing on the 2018 Elantra Sport! Had already done mid pipe and axle back prior. Once this was installed the car had much smoother and faster acceleration and wasn’t struggling with all of the extra back pressure from the stock down pipe. I opted for high flow catted version and had no regrets! Thanks KDM!

  28. Sean B. (verified owner)

    This is great if you have the money to spend to pay for the extra work to the mechanics just to get this thing to fit I have the new 22 forte gt and they had to fabricate flanges and put washers in because the bolts on the turbo are too long and had to put washers in to compensate for the space they literally had to install it twice because of this issue need to send flanges and hardware otherwise sounds alot better coupled up to my xforce exaust and a small but noticeable difference in power thanks KDMtuners.

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