Vented Oil Cap

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**These will fit with all OEM engine covers**

-These are hand made to order so please allow 1 week from time of order-



Vented Oil Cap

Having a properly vented crank case is vital to the performance and life of the engine. Our Pcv systems work well for a stock non modified set up. However when we start to modify the car and add boost we increase the crank case pressures do to the elevated pressures in the combustion chambers getting past the rings. At this point the PCV system becomes to small to keep up and must be vented to keep crank case pressures to normal levels. Once we start adding Catch cans this compounds the issue as Catch cans are restrictive to system although vital. This is where the third breather comes into play… You have a few options on this. One is you can drill and tap the valve cover as we did on the race car or Two you can add one of our Vented Oil Caps.

Crank case pressure are a big cause of rear main seals to blow out and also cause a loss of power. Yep you heard correct… Relieving high crank case pressures will actually free up a good amount of power, in some cases up to 10hp have been recovered! Every race car or performance car out there has some type of extra venting or a vac pump set up for these reasons.


Version 2 has now replaced our version 1 cap!

What has changed?

We found that the version one cap still leaked a fair amount of oil in some cars. So we implemented a 50 micron filter on the cap to help prevent this. With a 50 micron filter we still get a very effective vent and reduces oil blow by!

* If you have a version 1 cap and had issues with the cap please contact us!***

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  1. Giovanni (verified owner)

  2. Ryan Andrews (verified owner)

    This was really an awesome idea. Many people run dual catch-can setups. Now the PCV side is always going to be a closed-loop System (for the vast majority of us). But with an already pressurized system, running 2 closed-loop catch-can setups is adding even more pressure, and with built engines, this can be a problem. The breather side should be setup with a micro-filter, directly attached to the breather-side can, or a drop-hose scenario, so long as it does not route back into the intake. The vented oil cap is an excellent way to add a SECOND breather source! However, it should NOT be used as a single breather, in a dual, closed-loop, catch-can setup, or it will spit up oil everywhere. As long as this item is used properly, it is definitely effiecent, and effectively serves its purpose!
    Great job by KDMTuners in this one!

  3. Martin P. (verified owner)

    It leaked less than 24 hours

  4. Anonymous

    Item is well designed and put assembled, however it doesn’t fit the 2019 Veloster N. Sadly, I hop they will design one for the Veloster N. Works exactly as it should for the 1.6/1.6T Hyundai Gamma II engine. Returned to KDM for a full refund and RMA as well. You did good gentleman.

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