Vibrant 02 Sensor Restrictor (02 Cel Fix)


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Vibrant 02 Sensor Restrictor

The Vibrant 02 Sensor Restrictor is the perfect solution to help get rid of the pesky CEL light or code thrown from running an aftermarket downpipe. These come with 3 different jet type fittings to adjust what your car will need. If the 02 is to far from the stream you will see a “Slow to respond code” if to close your typical CEL. The Vibrant 02 Sensor Restrictors are the nicest we have seen on the market thus far and come in two configurations to fit your needs

Oxygen Sensor Simulator Fitting; w/ Adjustable Jets; Retail Pack of 1 piece
Kit Components
3 Jets, Brass Washer
304 Stainless Steel / brass washer
Package Quantity
Thread Size & Pitch
M18 x 1.5
Weld/ Thread
Thread On


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