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Sxth Element V2 FMIC Install Veloster Turbo Show Car

sxth fmic install

Not too long ago we gave you guys the 845 intercooler install, a lot of you guys were asking about the Sxth Element Engineering Intercooler, so here it is. Greg brought over his show beast and Mark/ Tanner sent out there freshly mocked up v2 Intercooler kit for us to play with. The fitment on this is fantastic comparable to the 845 Monster front mount intercooler, this intercooler will be able to handle all the horsepower you can throw at it!

If you cant see Video click HERE.

Products and swag seen in video:

Sxth Element v2 Intercooler kit:

Pierce Motorsports Crash Bar:

Pierce Motorsports 2 point tie bar:

SCGW Parts and accessories:

KDM Tuners Swag:

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