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We offer a wide variety of options on turbo upgrades for the K03 Veloster turbos, Forte, and Elantra Sport. However our latest and best selling turbo upgrade nets 70-80Hp over stock! Stay tuned for our Video on how to tear down a Turbo to inspect for damage before sending them in for a rebuild which can save you time and money. As well as our video on the process of upgrading and rebuilding a K03.

For now here is out most popular set up:

  • 49mm X 62mm 6+6 Billet compressor
  • 11 blade clipped Lightweight inconel turbine
  • 360 bearing kit
  • Precision Balances to less than .001
  • Arp Stainless Steal Studs

Here are few other popular add on services we offer:

  • Ceramic Coating
  • Thermal Coating
  • Porting
  • Titanium Wrap

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