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About Us

Kdm Tuners started out as an informational site geared towards sharing and harvesting useful information for the Kdm Enthusiast. We set out to produce helpful tutorials, videos, and blogs to aid the end users in building and understanding their own cars.

Kdm Tuners is now much more! We are proud to be the premier engine specialist for the 1.6L gamma engines. We build, develop, and blueprint race engines in house. Our engines are used world wide in many different Facets of racing. Our work has also been featured at SEMA, LA Auto Show, and in Pasmag Multi times.

Another unique feature of our company has been our ability to work hand in hand with the top parts manufactures to help develop, R&D, and market to the Kdm platforms. We have been involved with almost every vendor on creating some of the leading parts on the market for most KDM cars. In the last 4 years we have silently built parts for vendors, test parts to failure, and used the parts in race situations all before most of these were brought to market. Chances are we had a part in developing many of the performance parts on your car today.

Along with everything else we do here we have a huge online parts store! We carry all the top brands that cater to the Kdm market. If there is a part you need we can help!

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