Porterfield R4S Performance Brake Pads for the Hyundai Elantra Sport


**Includes both Front and Rear Pads**

The R4 and R4E pads are available as well but will take 2 weeks to custom make. Only available on request so please contact us if wanting these compounds


Porterfield R4S Performance Brake Pads for the Hyundai Elantra Sport


The Porterfield R4S Performance Brake Pads for the Hyundai Elantra Sport are for High performance and heavy duty street conditions. The Porterfield R4-s compound remains a top performer in the realm of street/track brake pads. With the r4-s compound giving a friction level up to .41. This is an amazingly fast stopping brake pad. Simply put, they will give you an impressive increase in stopping ability with very minimum amount of pedal effort. Perfect for prolonged everyday street driving while also being capable of enduring the most severe use without fade. Its also rotor friendly of course.
Porterfield has gone to great measures to ensure that the R4-s compound has the absolute lowest noise and dust levels possible, far below O.E.M. equipment or any other high performance brake material. The R4-s compound which has an overall win in the baja 1000 is available for most models of cars, trucks, and suv’s. Superb stopping power under heavy use. Great for occasional auto crossing, solo events, off road events, and rallies. Perhaps one of the overall best performing, clean and quiet everyday high performance driving brake pad ever made.

We here at Kdm Tuners have been using this brake pad on our Race Veloster for 4 seasons and also use them on the daily cars with over 200K miles. Hands down the best overall pad we have ever used. Porterfield also made the Hp, Hp 5.0, and the HP plus pads for Hawk just to give you an idea( currently Hawk pads are made over seas). Porterfield is the trusted brand of pads for many race teams out there. So if you want the best performance brake pad on the market for street/track combo look no further!!!


**with out the hard work and testing from Pierce Motorsports these pads would not be available to the ES or kdm market in general**

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