Evilla Motorsports Kia Rio/Hyundai Accent Axle Back Exhaust (2012-2017)


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The Rio and Accent have a very quiet exhaust system with many flow restrictions. To give better Flow for horsepower, and sporty sound we have the Axle Back Exhaust.


Evilla Motorsports Kia Rio/Hyundai Accent Axle Back Exhaust (2012-2017)



The Kia Rio and hyundai Accent has a few exhaust restrictions that not only reduce horsepower, they also quite down the exhaust system.
To resolve this, we have made the KR-CBX and KR-CBXT. It removes one of the restrictions, rewarding the user with better sound
enjoyment, and better flow for horsepower.


  • Solidly Welded Construction: Like the OEM “Stock” exhaust it is solidly welded, and designed for that particular vehicle.
  • OEM Fitment: Our exhaust uses the OEM rubber mounts, requiring no “weld in adapters” or “universal kits” saving the owner headaches.
  • Easy Installation: Common tools make the installation of our exhaust very straight forward, Process normally less than 30 minutes (Times May Vary)
  • Customer Service: We offer both downloadable instructions, and Install videos of our Exhaust on our site and youtube page. You can contact us any time.
  • Made in USA: Using local materials, and sources, and being environmentally friendly when possible.
  • Track Tested: We test all our exhaust, and suspension products on the street as well as the track under severe conditions with Professional Race Car Drivers behind the wheel.


  • Material: To keep the price within reach, we do not chrome our exhausts like other competitos which can easily cost over $500.00 for the same performance.

Exhaust Sound/Tone

What does it sound like?

  • Unlike several other aftermarket exhausts that can be overly loud and obnoxious, Our exhaust delivers a tone which can best be described as “Smooth.” It’s not too loud, and it does not overpower the car’s stock stereo system. However, it increases as RPM’s rise giving the user a sporty sound that compliments the car.

Video Demonstrations:

  •  We have 3 different videos of our exhaust on our youtube page. One stationary, another at the racetrack, and the last one combines the inside, outside and near the exhaust.

Video Links


Next To the Exhaust

Combination of Inside, Outside, and Near the Exhaust.

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 10 × 10 in

Model Year

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