2012-2018 Piercemotorsports Hyundai Veloster Rear Camber Kit

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2012-2018 Piercemotorsports Hyundai Veloster Rear Camber Kit


2012-2018 Piercemotorsports Hyundai Veloster Rear Camber Kit

Ok so after about 12+ track days/testing we’ve known forever that we needed to get some rear camber into our Veloster. Our car started with 1 1/4 degree negative and about 3/8″ to 1/2″ of toe in back there from the factory…I can’t say for sure how much straight line speed this would cost you, but it’s a pretty substantial amount—and we’ve officially turned the outside edges of the tires blue. Based on tire temps it needed about 2 degrees negative and we reduced the toe down to 1/8″ in. With our rear torsion bar it helps control the toe change and we’re good and stable back there.

Having worked with the golf’s before (former Golf Cup/ITB racer, and GTI CUP record holder at Willow—not showing my age or anything!) we new what needed to be done. We found some suitable rear alignment kit’s/shims and some brake caliper shims and had the alignment shop next door go to work. It wasn’t particularly easy to get the precise numbers and actually took us 2 kits to dial it in, but we got exactly what we wanted.

The basic idea is that the rear hubs/backing plates unbolt from the beam and a “phone dial” type angled shim is bolted in between the beam and the hub angling/cambering it in the desired direction. When you bolt it back together the hub and rotor are now cocked at an angle to the caliper so it needs to be spaced as well. The pics below show the kit and basic install—the yellow shim actually goes behind the rotor backing plate—we put it up front so you can get a better idea. We’ll sell the 2 kits (one per side) and the brake shim kit for $78and I’d like to say that you could do this one at home, but I don’t think without a full set of camber/caster/toe gauges anyone would be able to get it straight. All the cars we’ve seen are slightly different or I’d just mark off the holes for everyone. A good alignment shop should charge an hour to an hour and a half per side—I’d ask them if they’ve done this type of thing first before dropping off your Veloster.

The benefits are pretty substantial for the autocross/track guys—more grip/even contact patch and better tire wear—the street guys should be able to get a wider combo of tire/rim under there—and the kit will allow for much more than 2 degrees if needed.


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4 reviews for 2012-2018 Piercemotorsports Hyundai Veloster Rear Camber Kit

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  1. Tyler (verified owner)

    Great kit! Comes with everything you need to set rear camber. Service was great and shipping was fast! Awesome company to work with

  2. Steven (verified owner)

    everything I needed to adjust the rear for track days

  3. Corey C. (verified owner)

    Great product

    Excellent customer service as usual

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Have not installed yet but everything looks good

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