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Aerotekk Side splitter for Kia forte

Here at Kdm Tuners we are constantly looking for new cool products to bring to the Kdm platforms. In doing so we often partner with other vendors and or companies to get you the coolest items under one roof!

Aerotekk is relatively new to the market but made a big hit at SEMA 2018 with the Blood Type Racing Hyundai Elantra Sport Build. Aerotekk uses the best materials around to produce their products and everyone we have come across has had great reviews!

A few words from AeroTekk

How we started

We wanted to create an affordable yet desire-able

track aero package for the enthusiasts.

Created by Enthusiasts for the Enthusiasts

Why Aerotekk

We cut out our margins and bring you the best bang for your buck solution.

Offering both Track and Street version of kits to fit your needs

without breaking the bank

Aerotekk Side splitter for Kia forte

You can find their products under the “Vendor” Categories on under the “Exterior” tabs in your car prospective category. Or Click Below!


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