2012-2017 Piercemotorsports Veloster Turbo Oil Cooler Kit



2012-2017 Piercemotorsports Veloster Turbo Oil Cooler Kit

The Piercemotorsports Oil Cooler kit is the ultimate kit on the market for the Veloster Turbo featuring an Earl’s 25 row cooler, Earls Stainless Steel braided lines pre-assembled to length for perfect placement and routing, and either a Mishimoto or Prosport oil filter adapter with thermostat!  The kit can be installed on both the stock crashbeam or the Piercemotorsports Tubular Crashbar 2012-2015 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Tubular Front Crashbar with IC relocation (request tabs if ordering with crashbar) with minimal work!  Kit will work with both the OEM IC but aftermarket IC preferred.  Here are some specs on the cooler:

These coolers have been developed specifically for all types of engines and transmissions subjected to temperature extremes, including competition and high-performance vehicles. They’re designed for the range of air speed and oil flow normally found in automotive use but built to aircraft quality standards.

Professional racing teams from Formula One, Indy, GTP, and Trans-Am have depended almost exclusively for years on these modular-style units to supply optimum engine and transaxle cooling under extreme conditions. Thanks to Earl’s you can now buy the same race-winning technology for your application!


  • Constructed from aircraft spec aluminum alloy using the latest vacuum brazing technology
  • Thin aluminum plates offer the fastest possible heat transfer
  • Corrugated screen internal turbulator plates increase thermal efficiency & mechanical strength for the most efficient practical package
  • Inlet and outlet fittings O-ring to the top plate assembly
  • Designed for the range of oil flow and air speed encountered in high-performance vehicles
  • Every cooler is pressure checked to 175 psi (periodic samples are burst tested to 350 psi)

We’ve used these coolers for years in motorsports applications with great success!  Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery!

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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