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Jun-29-2018-Speed Ventures (Fri) [8c4087e51c] - Green Group - Session 3 (Grid and Sign Shot) - LSR_1592_Jun2918_CaliPhoto

Track Testing at Laguna Seca 6/29/18


We were out with Pierce Motorsports and the Pacific Hot Hatch Series group for some fun in the sun at Laguna Seca (WeatherTech Raceway) on Friday June 29th. It was a beautiful day out at about 70 degrees which is an absolute dream in a race car!

Although the day was perfect, we were plagued with a few issues that would end our day earlier than expected. One issue was the throttle position sensor which was not fixable, but lucky for us our friend AJ and his Girlfriend came out in their Elantra! So we stole her TPS for the day…. Thanks Guys!! Second issue that we were plagued with all day was hose clamps… We are running 28psi of boost and the clamps just did not want to hang. Every session we had a clamp fail, so most of the day we would get 1-2 laps with full boost and the rest either zero or 10psi.

All in all we had a great day out at the track. Great friends, great track, great temps, great action! Until the next time here is a little Clip Put together by AJ.


Watch Video Now : WeatherTech Raceway

Here are a few pics:

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