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Alright guys, you asked for it and here it is. A K03 turbo off a G4Fj Veloster Turbo that had caught fire before we got our hands on it. We went ahead and tore this sucker down to show you what you want to look for to see if your turbo is still good and if not, what parts may be salvageable. While we were at it we went ahead and found an old turbo with a broken stud. In case you run into snapping a stud while changing your down pipe, we showed the process of how to correct it, and what we do here at KDM Tuners on every Turbo build to prevent it from ever happening again!


If you cant see the video click here!


Tool and swag seen in video:

Stud Extractor
KDM Tuners K03 Upgraded Turbo
ARP SS Studs
KDM Tuners Hats

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